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HUNT VALLEY, MD (July 4, 2018) - Workspace Software, Inc., announced today that it has released the most comprehensive, feature rich suite of project applications ever combined in a single platform, and best of all, its completely free, unlimited users and projects. Unlike so many free offerings, WorkspacePM is not a feature reduced version where real value requires a pay upgrade. Instead, WorkspacePM is more valuable and powerful than most comparable products being sold in the market today.

Technology projects have a blemished track record, producing hundreds of billions in losses each year. "Over budget, delivering less, schedule delays, quality issues, you name it, and technology projects suffer from it," remarked Mark Wesker, Workspace Software's CEO. Wesker added, "the industry has tried management processes, development methodologies, even reducing project scope to minimize mistakes, but at the end of the day, this is a data problem in need of a solution. Survey every technology project being executed across the globe, and you'll find one common theme; huge volumes of project data being accumulated across a mishmash of tools. With project data fragmented, collaboration suffers, teamwork is compromised, and real-time intelligence into key project indicators is virtually non-existent."

According to Paul Martin, Workspace's CTO, "having worked on just about every type of technology project during my 20+ years in the industry, it is obvious that until project data is consolidated in a single platform, this problem will continue. Other business functions, such as sales, marketing, finance, HR, have consolidated data in single platforms, ERP, CRM, Talent Management and others. It's long past time for projects to do the same. We're releasing WorkspacePM for free because we're determined to eliminate all barriers, biases, and roadblocks to project teams finally getting control over their data."

WorkspacePM is joined by two project intelligence enabling products, WorkspacePM Pro and WorkspacePI. These products harvest the data accumulated by WorkspacePM to provide smart, AI-capable intelligence such as early detection of project risks, instant visibility into resource utilization and capacity needs, performance metrics, and reliable, real-time analytics and forecasts. WorkspacePI is gaining significant traction with enterprise software companies that manage from dozens to thousands of simultaneous product implementation projects, where high volume, inherent complexity, continuous scope change, resource variability, and fragmented project data, combine to make outcomes unpredictable; compromising financial forecasts, product reputation and vulnerable margins.

WorkspacePM is available today.