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Oracle software powers most of the mission critical systems on the planet. Virtually every industry and government around the world work with Oracle and its partners to deploy technology solutions vital to their operations. Often the systems and processes being automated by Oracle solutions are extensive and complex, and require significant expertise to ensure that implementations meet scope, schedule and budget objectives.

In most instances, Oracle projects are implemented by a team that includes both a customer and a systems integration partner with specialized Oracle expertise. To ensure a successful project, these teams must work well together from planning through execution, and ultimately to deployment. When projects struggle, the absence of teamwork is often the culprit.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of effective project teamwork is communication. Team members must keep each other well-informed, and discovering critical project information must be quick and simple. With projects producing huge volumes of constantly changing information, ensuring good communication is no easy task.

Mark Wesker, CEO of said "at, we often work with Oracle Partners to help them successfully manage implementation projects. Many of our partners have their own unique approach to meet the challenges associated with the mission critical needs of its customers."

In the end, technology projects is a team-oriented business. Because projects involve teams of people with different qualities and skills, good teamwork is, quite simply, essential. To be successful, project teams must work well together to listen, capture, share, track and analyze huge volumes of constantly changing project information. Unfortunately, to accomplish these goals, teams too often rely on methods and tools that produce disconnected information, that is not easily shared, and results in decisions being based on incorrect or incomplete data. As a result, project failure rates continue to plague the industry with seemingly no end in sight.

Wesker added, "more and more companies are embracing a project workspace as a foundation for effective communciation and teamwork. These integration experts are choosing because it solves the crucial disconnect problem by combining all necessary project apps into a single, cloud-based solution." Teams now get Requirements Management, Project Planning, Defect Tracking, Test Management and much more all in one single workspace. This enables teams to put an end to infomation silos, and combine all project data in one, secure space. With project data unified, teams are better informed, can make project decisions using the most current information, and most importantly, are truly connected."

The list of successful implementations by the partners is growing fast. In Montgomery County, Maryland, Oracle Financials was implemented to manage the financial transactions of this Washington, DC suburb. At health care IT leader Allscripts, multiple CRM systems were merged into a single, Oracle-based solution. At the City of Philadelphia, multiple disparate systems were brought together using Oracle ERP.'s project workspace solution is used on all of these engagements, and the result has been the type of teamwork essential to success.

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