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HUNT VALLEY, MD (May 14, 2018) - Workspace Software, Inc., announced today that it has released a new Resources app for, the Company's popular Project Intelligence Platform. For the first time, resources on technology projects can be managed in the same platform where all project work is being done. This ensures that all underlying activities impacting resource availability, utilization and planning are accounted for in real-time, and reflect the constantly changing project conditions that make resource management such a fluid and time consuming process. "The time delayed, point-in-time, high effort, inaccurate process of managing project resources is over," remarked Workspace CEO, Mark Wesker.

Wesker added, "our mission is simple..., make projects smarter. That's really hard to do when so much project information is fragmented across disconnected tools and spreadsheets." Workspace CTO, Paul Martin, said, "by the time all the fragmented project data can be collected and transformed into actionable intelligence, changing project conditions typically render that intelligence outdated and unreliable. This is why so much time and effort is spent trying to calculate resource capacity, maximize utilization and juggle resource bookings and assignments. That slow, inaccurate process ends now."

The digital project market is undergoing significant disruption as companies accelerate their efforts to transform into all things digital. Analysts including Gartner, IDC, Forrester and others are reporting huge investments being made in digital projects across all industry sectors. Unfortunately, huge investments are also producing record losses, over $700 billion in 2017, as the continuous change and risks inherent in digital projects make outcomes unpredictable and revenue and costs forecasts unreliable. To make outcomes more predictable and forecasts more reliable, the market is now moving away from fragmented tools and towards consolidating project data into smart, AI-ready platforms capable of producing project intelligence that is automatically updating every minute of every day. consolidates project tools and data into a single, smart platform that delivers reliable analytics and forecasts on-demand, and augmented intelligence that continuously monitors project data and activities to assess risk and guide projects to predictable outcomes. Wesker added, "the project market is done with point tools, and overdue for smart platforms. The sooner companies begin that transition, the sooner they will reap the rewards."