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Projects evolve, resources turnover, scope changes, initial estimates aren't accurate; these are just a few examples of events that alter a project's course. To best adjust your project's course to meet budget, schedule, quality, and scope objectives, project teams need accurate and real-time performance data. This data must clearly show the history of what has happened on a project, where the project stands currently, and where the project is heading.

There's and old saying that "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it." This is especially true in technology projects. To correct a project that is behind schedule or over-budget it is critical to first understand how the project fell behind. With, you get both a portal to your project's past, and a window to its future. All of your project activities are chronicled, so you can quickly identify what caused problems with your project, and determine the best adjustments to get you back on track.

A truly accurate picture of your project's current status requires real-time project data. Quality trends, schedule and cost variances, and traceability matrices are just a few of the key performance indicators that give you a clear picture of where your project stands. This level of data aggregation and analysis is typically burdensome, costly and time-consuming. But no more. With, real-time data analysis of your project's performance is just a click away. The reports and project alerts built into are like your very own real-time radar system, watching key performance indicators for any sign of risk.

Absent a crystal ball, the key to predicting where your project may be heading is to understand its past and present. Armed with that knowledge, you can best set or reset expectations to reflect the reality of how performance to date is going to impact how your project is likely to proceed. The performance data produced by serves both as a barometer of what you can expect, as well as a blueprint for how to best implement change. And although not a crystal ball, quite yet, will supply you with information that will allow you to see farther into the future than ever before.

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